Chair Massage Options


Chair massage is a wonderful way to bring the benefits of massage to your staff at work, to friends at a party or to an event. It is affordable and convenient. The treatment time can vary, depending on the situation, but usually is anywhere from 5-20 minutes. It’s amazing how relaxed one can feel after just 10 minutes of chair massage. In one afternoon of doing chair massage at my son’s school, I was able to work on 16 teachers. It was very rewarding to feel like I had made a difference for that hardworking group of folks.


The average cost of chair massage is $1-$2 per minute, with gratuities welcome. This makes it very affordable.  It is usually easy to find a good place to set up, since the chair doesn’t take up very much room. With a simple sign-up sheet, the process is organized and efficient.

I’m open to questions and ideas as to how we can make your business or event a successful and happy one!

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