Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release
Both of these massage modalities are designed to relieve severe tension in the muscles and the connective tissues, or fascia. They are very beneficial for people with chronic pain, for recent or old injuries and for athletes. With this form of massage, I find it effective to use my whole arm, not just my hands.

Sports Massage
Sports massage may incorporate some deep tissue and myofascial techniques, but also involves some specific skills such as kneading and joint mobilization. The gua sha tool also works well for athletes on areas of tension.


Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a wonderful style to incorporate into other forms of massage or to use as a stand-alone. It includes long, gliding strokes (great for circulation and releasing tension), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), cross fiber friction (great for breaking up adhesions), vibration or shaking (sends “let go” messages deeper), and kneading (lifts skin, allowing circulation to bring oxygen in and take wastes out).


Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage that utilizes pressure applied with the thumbs to the same energy meridians as acupressure.


Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage is light in touch and gently stimulates the lymphatic system. This can help boost the immune system or reduce localized swelling or edema.




“Sitting at a desk all day can really put knots in my upper back and shoulders. Betsy knows how to work out the knots and stress, and I look forward to my bi-weekly massages that make me feel relaxed and refreshed. Betsy is simply the best ever LMT!” 


“It is my pleasure to recommend Betsy Robertson as an excellent massage therapist. Betsy has helped me and relaxed me for over 17 years. She is a true professional. She listens well and responds to my requests as I describe my aches and pains. Betsy is very conscientious and works hard at being attentive to my needs.” 


Pregnancy Massage
For pregnant clients, I utilize the techniques found in Swedish massage. These are effective in relaxing muscle tension and improving circulation and lymphatic flow. These techniques are safe and address the many discomforts commonly found with the changes the body goes through during pregnancy. I use a Body Support Cushion, which can be adapted to a comfortable side-lying position as the pregnancy progresses.


Chair Massage
This option uses a special chair made just for massage, and is great for muscle tension and soreness in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It is a quick and effective way to bring the benefits of massage to your location. It also is useful in situations where the client is unable to lie down on a massage table. Clients remained clothed, are comfortably seated, and can feel much improvement in as little as ten minutes.


Hot Stones and Heat Packs
The hot stones and heat packs are used as a tool to help heat penetrate deeply into the muscles. This releases tension and helps with circulation.


 The suction created by the cups helps to hold the cup in place and to lift the skin so that oxygen can sweep in and do its great job of bringing in nutrients and flushing out toxins. It is important to know that the cups may leave a temporary red or purple spot, which will go away in 1-7 days. This technique can be effective for back or shoulder pain, congestion or muscle tension. The cups can be left in place or, with the use of oil, can be slid across the skin to affect a larger area.


Gua Sha
Gua sha involves repeated strokes over the skin using a tool with a smooth edge. I use oil on the skin. As with cupping, red marks may remain on the area for a day or two. Gua sha is helpful for muscle pain or tension.


“I’ve been seeing Betsy for over 20 years.  She is a true healer. My arthritis means different spots are tender on different days; somehow, Betsy knows where the tender spots are and applies the perfect amount of pressure. She also has a great sense of where the knots are and how to untangle them. After an hour on her table, all pain is gone, and I feel like I’m two inches taller. For several days following a massage, I feel so much better—less pain, more energy, more calm, and I sleep beautifully. Massages from other LMTs have been great, but they don’t have that intuitive sense Betsy has, and the effects never last as long. I have sent more than a dozen friends to Betsy; they all rave about her, too—and book return appointments. In addition, she is a genuinely kind and wonderful person, and her awesome standard poodle adds some doggy therapy with a warm greeting.” 

Jessica Richman



  • Swedish Massage- $55, $80, $110
  • ​Deep Tissue Massage- $90, $120
  • Therapeutic Injury Recovery- $100, $150
  • Chair Massage available onsite or offsite; call, text or email for quote.

Checks, credit cards and cash are all acceptable forms of payment, and I am happy to bill insurance whenever possible.

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